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History of Air Force One

The President always travels in safety. The life of the leader of the United States is always at risk, of course, so lacking safety is not possible. To ensure the life of this person is always secured when flying anywhere, the Air Force One is used. This aircraft is famous because of the fact that it carried the president around within it. That is its only job, and it has been doing it for years, even through changes in aircraft. While it is common for every President to fly around the world in the Air Force One, that has not always been the case. Planes have no always existed, obviously, and there has not always been an immediate urge for one. It was not long ago that the government even created Air Force One and everything surrounding it.

Even before the creation of the Air Force One, presidents were flying on planes. Theodore Roosevelt, one president that most people can recognize, was the first to be in a plane, even though he was not in office at the time. It was not until Franklin Roosevelt, however, that an in-office president flew in a plane, which is also around the time that it was decided the president needed his own aircraft. At first, there were different aircrafts dedicated to the safe travels of the president while in air. This would be where he would go across the globe without the need to worry about the dangers of those who are against the president. As the years passed, the planes used began to evolve.

When Kennedy became president, jets started to come into use. These allowed for faster travel and more improved designs overall. Today, you see many similar types of jets used to carry the president around safely and without an issue. These are dependable and capable aircrafts that have become the image of Air Force One, what you see when the president walks out from a flight. They have improved the quality of the flight overall, which is necessary when their job is to protect the president while in air.
Most of the planes have been given designs that set it apart, that make it known that it is Air Force One. This makes it clear that the person inside is who is expected, and adds to the powerful role the aircrafts play. For the most part, the design is about applying the presidential seal and American flag so that it can be recognizable.

In the future, there will be changes. While some minor ones can be expected, like a different aircraft, there are some other unexpected ones that we have yet to see. As technology grows and changes into something greater, what is possible will, too. This will allows for more options for Air Force One, which means a safer and better aircraft. Right now, only small improvements are to be expected. What the future really holds, however, is unknown. What you can expect is the gradual improvement of safety, reliability, and performance that make Air Force One the secure transportation it is, even with such a person of high power riding inside.

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